Black Adam in review

Yes. That’s right, villain 7 on my list is none other than Black Adam. While most people I know absolutely love this character, is powers make him just a bit to enjoyable. Black Adam is the original champion of the ancient wizard Shazam, thus he is able to say the magic word, and be granted with god like powers. Black Adam then took it a step further… He made himself into a god. Made everyone worship him, oh by the way this was in ancient Egypt. Black Adam never transformed out of his super powered form, which never aged, thus effectively making him an immortal.

Black Adam’s many accomplishments are being given the powers of the Egyptian gods (who when asked to take his powers away claim that they like seeing him destroy things), joining, betraying, destroying and reforming the Justice Society, Ruling his own country, single handedly protecting his country from foreign invaders, and a little thing called World War 3. Yep World War 3 was Black Adam against, well, the world. Yep. Scarier yet, Black Adam almost won.

Black Adams main appeal is the fact that he’s a badass, the reason why he follows so low on the list is, well, it’s pretty much all the same. Black Adam is always on one awesome level, but he never really changes, making his character flat in many respects.

Anyone interested in getting to know Black Adam better should read Villains United, Infinite Crisis, 52, World War III, or JSA: Black Reign.

Well that’s Black Adam in review. Villain 6 is generally referred to as “the bad ass”. And that’s all I’ll say about that.



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